Exploring Flexible Open-Source Lab Management Software Based on Drupal
While working on a paper about Drupal as an Electronic Lab Notebook that utilizes Semantic Web technologies, a graduate student asked me for more visuals about what I was trying to do. In response, I came up with the graphic below to describe how Drupal currently relates to the Semantic Web. To me, it presents an interesting focal point for thinking about Drupal as a platform for the Semantic Web. How much is really implemented at this point? And how much of the layer cake does it really make sense to implement with Drupal?

According to some recent articles in the science technology press, ELNs are a growing market. For example, a 2006-2007 article at Scientific Computing estimated that the market was about 50 million USD in 2005 and was growing at 20% to 30% per year. This makes a great deal of sense when we take into account the growing complexity of science and the massive amount of data that is collected and needs to be analyzed.

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