History of Using Drupal

Evolving with the UH Biotech Program

We began using a customized version of Drupal 6 for the first biotech classes at the University of Houston in 2008 to help students keep track of their data, enhance collaboration and improve data analysis. We have continued to use this approach to collect data from the BTEC 3100 class every fall semester, and have included the spring semesters as well as the program has grown. We have upgraded the Drupal version from 6 to 7 to 8 and will migrate to version 9 as it becomes available in June 2020.

A Vision for the Future

Lowering the economic and technical barriers to ELNs

Our plans are to build on the efforts of using Drupal for an ELN and add even more capabilities apart from the efforts expended for the UH biotech program. This website at MyLabBook.org will focus on documeting and sharing the improved open source capabilities of the Drupal based ELN.

In addition, we are developing cloud hosting services that will soon be available at MyLabBook.com MyLabBook.com will provide additional capabilities for the best experience of Drupal ELNs at a very competitive price.