Flexible Protocols

With the numerous contributed modules it is possible to create different types of fields for collecting data, which then allows great flexibility in setting up the steps in a protocol. More information is available in the documentation.

Geolocation of Data Points

Apparently somewhat unique in comparison to other ELNs, a Drupal based ELN can easily incorporate the use of Geolocation to better mark data collection locations. This may prove vital in certain types of experiments that involve environmental sampling.

Thousands of Extensions

Thousands of free and open source contributed modules can enhance any website for desired features like workflow, diagramming, analysis, plotting & charting, media management, service architecture infrastructure and so much more.

Social Network Features

One approach for incorporating social network features is to integrate many of the capabilities of the Open Social platform with a Drupal based ELN, which will be especially useful for academic labs and lab groups.

Free and Open Source

The GNU GPL 2 License gives you free access to the source code and the ability to freely modify it as desired. However, you are not required to distribute your modifications as long as they are confined to your website.

Easy to Install

With just a few steps you can install a Drupal based ELN on a regular LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) server. You can choose one of numerous hosting companies or with minimal expertise you can set up a LAMP server in your lab.