A Drupal Based Electronic Lab Notebook

This documentation covers primarily one way to build an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) based on the Drupal Content Management System. This documentation should be hosted at the MyLabBook.org website and the source of the documentation should be available on the associated GitHub repository.

While there are numerous options for building a Drupal based ELN, this documentation focuses on a basic architecture that uses the following.

  • The core standard installation of Drupal

  • Some contributed modules available on drupal.org

  • Some custom content types based on Drupal nodes

  • A few custom modules that we have developed and plan to host on Drupal.org in the near future

Details are covered in the other sections of this documentation.

The MyLabBook Demo

The demo version of a Drupal ELN whose source is found in our GitHub repository is called MyLabBook. Oftentimes throughout this documentation we may use the notion of a Drupal based ELN and MyLabBook interchangeably because the MyLabBook demo is currently the focus for this documentation. One of the beauties of using a Drupal based ELN is that there could be many different approaches and many variations on a given approach. This documentation is most appropriate for those wanting to take the approach we have taken with MyLabBook or some variation of that approach, however. If someone wants to take a different approach to building a Drupal based ELN then this documentation may be helpful in some fashion as well.

This documentation should also be helpful for those wanting to better understand the standard Drupal based ELNs that are supported on the commercial cloud provider at MyLabBook.com.

We hope to continue to expand upon these thoughts to make ELNs more accessible and available to researchers, laboratory administrators, faculty and citizen scientists. Please feel free to extend this documentation by contributing pull requests at the GitHub repository.

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