Other Modules and Distributions

This covers modules that are not currently used in MyLabBook that may be useful for future versions. Drupal distributions are also mentioned as possibilities, where one or more features of the distribution could be merged with MyLabBook to provide useful functionality for appropriate scenarios. Note, however, that in our experience even though distributions may use Drupal as their basis, they have often been modified to the point where it becomes difficult to integrate with other approaches.

Physical Fields Module

The Physical Fields module was originally created for use with eCommerce sites where websites needed a way to designate measurements related to packaging. It couples a measurement value with appropriate units for that measurement. Supported measurement types include the following.

  • Area

  • Length

  • Temperature

  • Volume

  • Weight

It also supports simple arithmetic regarding these units. If an experiment used some of these types of measurements and arithmetic was needed then this module could be very useful.

Open Social Distribution

The Open Social distribution has been one of the most successful Drupal distributions because of its maturity and many features for supporting online communities. This could be useful to integrate with MyLabBook for any type of lab scenario with multiple researchers or a single researcher who was willing to accommodate the overhead of maintaining different experiments as different groups.

Opigno Distribution

The Opigno distribution is another successful distribution because of its mature capabilities as well, this time as a Learning Management System. It could be useful to merge these capabilities with MyLabBook for the scenario of an educational setting where learning is combined with lab work.