Screenshot of Directory Pro Field Types

Directory Pro Was the Target

As described in Using Directory Pro, our development was simplified by using the Directory Pro plugin for storing our data. Directory Pro offers "round-trip data", so we could use reverse engineering to determine how to migrate our data from Drupal. Our requirement was simply to somehow get the Drupal data into the same format as was used in the Directory Pro export process.

The Export Format Used By Directory Pro

It was key then to understand what kind of export format was used by Directory Pro. Overall, the export format uses a CSV file for export of the field data and then one ZIP file for the attached image files and another ZIP file for the uploaded files.

For the CSV file the column headers use the raw field name. The raw field name can be determined from the Directories settings. For example, our directory was named "My Soil Samples", so from the Directories left menu we selected the drop down on the right side of the screen for the Content Types. The from the Listing drop down on the right we selected Manage Fields, to show all of the fields that are used. The breadcrumb was Directories >> My Soil Samples >> Content Types >> Listing. From this screen, we can select the details for a given screen from the gear icon that displays from a mouse hover in the center of the row. In this detail popup screen, the Field name is displayed.

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