Screenshot of BuddyBoss Groups

Using BuddyBoss Features

Since we are rotating student researchers on a semester basis, we need to have a way for the students from past semesters to not show up in the listing of members. This can be done by either setting their status to Suspend from the Users >> (username) >> Extended Profile >> Status or by creating a new Profile Type (e.g., "Hidden") and then setting that profile type to not be displayed from the menu BuddyBoss >> Profiles >> Profile Types (tab) >> (Profile Type) Edit >> checkbox for "Hide all members of this type from Members Directory".

Valuable Resources

  • WordPress Plugin Development - an extensive series of YouTube videos with a supporting GitHub repository by a very knowledgeable and entertaining WordPress developer (Alessandro Castellani) that covers some best practices for building custom WordPress plugins using composer and PS4 standards.
  • WordPress Plugin Boilerplate - provides a GitHub repository with a standard folder structure and files that are based on the WordPress Plugin API, Coding Standards, and Documentation Standards. I followed the basic structure for my plugin, but did not base my code on this example.
  • WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook - 3rd Edition