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Your SAFE Research Platform or ELN

Sustainable … Build on the stable WordPress Content Management System (CMS) that currently powers over 40% of the web. The popularity of WordPress along with its open source license and the relatively simple code base make a strong case for the long term sustainability of WordPress.

Affordable …The basic WordPress CMS will always be free and open source because of its GPL2 license. Additionally there are over 50,000 free and open source plugin extensions for WordPress as well as numerous reasonably priced extensions that provide more sophisticated capabilities.

FAIR … FAIR Data principles promote data that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. This is now a requirement for many grants. The MyLabBook platform brings FAIR Data principles through integration with another free and open source package – the FAIR Data Toolkit. **

Easy … WordPress is known for its easy installation process on the easy to set up LAMP stack. The multitude of plugin extensions are easy to install and custom plugins are relatively easy to develop. The vast ecosystem of documentation also makes solving most problems relatively easy. 

Many researchers have found it challenging to afford a research platform or Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) that fulfills their needs in a robust way. Over the last decade, several research groups have based their ELN or research platform on WordPress, which provides the Sustainable, Affordable, and Easy qualities mentioned above. For many situations, this provides a more attractive platform than commercial offerings.

The focus of this website is to provide researchers, educators, and lab managers with good documentation and community resources for building their own research platform or ELN on WordPress. In addition, we seek to provide documentation and resources for integrating the use of FAIR Data with WordPress. We call the combination of WordPress and FAIR Data for an open source ELN or research platform the MyLabBook approach.

You can read more in the
Overview of MyLabBook

** Note that documentation and implementation of the FAIR Data Toolkit is still in progress and is expected to be complete by summer of 2023