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Do you have any publications related to this MyLabBook approach?

Two publications from our group are specifically about the ELN and mention Drupal as the CMS in use. We have since transitioned to WordPress. Many of the same explorations are still relevant, however, since they are both based on a general CMS platform instead of dedicated ELN software. These two publications are listed below.

Some publications about the biotech background that the MyLabBook approach was developed for include the following.

  • Iyer, R., Smith, K., Kudrle, B., and Leon, A. (2015). “Detection and Location of OP-degrading Activity: A model to Integrate Education and Research”. New Biotechnology. Vol. 32(4), 403-411.
  • Iyer, R., Wales, M. (2012) “Integrating Interdisciplinary Research-based Experiences in Biotechnology Laboratories”, Journal of Advances in Engineering Education, Vol. 3 (1) 1-35.
  • Iyer, R., Fitzgibbon, W. E. (2009). “Building the future biotechnology workforce: A University of Houston model”. Journal of Commercial Biotechnology, 15(2), 171-182.

Other publications or blogs that explore using WordPress as an ELN include the following.