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The minimal installation and setup of the MyLabBook platform consists of the following steps.

  1. Install a standard WordPress
  2. Add the Directories Pro plugin
  3. Add any other plugins needed for security, backup, or extra features that you may need.

We will cover these first 2 steps in this knowledgebase article.

Install a Standard WordPress

There are several different main options for installing WordPress.

  • Use a third party hosting platform with 1-click installs – easiest option but gives you the least control
  • Install on a local computer in your lab – provides more control
  • Install on virtual machine (e.g., Azure, AWS) – a variation on the first option for more sophisticated users

For the first two options, the article at wpbeginner provides a good overview.

Add the Directories Pro Plugin

To follow the approach described in this Knowledge Base, we recommend the Directories Pro plugin (see the Knowledge Base articles in Using Directories Pro for Research to see if it can meet your needs).